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  1. Well I’m not a designer but seems like I really liked these tips for optimizing logo design. I must say these are important steps to gain more traffic.


  2. Hey Kharim

    Great Post Dear !

    But Is it really necessary to Optimize Logo? I know the Alt tag under images is an important thing, but isn’t it added automatically when we put logo in WordPress blog using theme customizer?

    I may be wrong ! I don’t Know !


  3. These are truly awesome tips Kharim Tomlinson! Not only did I bookmark this post and take a ton of handwritten notes, I’ve actually gone ahead and put two of these tips into practice while “studying” it.
    Thanks a lot for sharing with us !

  4. For a SEO , logo can take a real good place to get traffic or mark a sign for your site…

  5. Hey Kharim,

    Thanks for amazing tips.Well it was very necessary to optimize the logo. I know this 4 tips but i never know about “Compress Your File Size” after reading this I learn new things today.

  6. Wonderful post Karim!
    thanks for sharing it..it was interesting article.

  7. Thanks for sharing nice information, but I have 1 questions: Can I have nice logo without any design experience?
    Could you guys recommend me any good free service to design logo??

  8. It is not only about logo optimization but these rules go perfectly with any HTML image we show on our site. Image alternative text, image title and image file name must be optimized with proper keywords with words separated with hyphen. Image file size optimization, image EXIF data removal and image dimension optimization also help in overall image and site speed optimization. Even image sitemap files may be another good option.

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