CommentLuv Premium – One Of The Best Thing That Happened To This Blog

When Andy Bailey of CommentLuv  released the premium, I was so excited and happy. Now that the plugin is live on this blog, I am overly excited and can’t wait to see the great results that many have been getting.

I am a big fan of CommentLuv  and I have been using it on this blog ever since I launched it back in March 2010. This plugin has been live on my blog ever since.


CommentLuv  Premium Plugin Review

CommentLuv  is a plugin which fetches the latest posts from yoour commentators blog so that they can promote their latest article on your blog while leaving a comment. This plugin is great for building backlinks and also to get more traffic to your blog.

CommentLuv  premium does the same thing as the CommentLuv  plugin but in a more powerful way.


CommentLuv  Brings You More Than Traffic

It has been found to increase comments and the community spirit for the thousands of blogs that have installed it. With a simple install you will immediately start to find new and interesting blog posts from your own blog and community. You will even be able to build your list/network/community even more by offering your readers the opportunity to register to your site to unlock advanced features of the plugin like being able to choose from any of their 10 last posts when they comment or other features like dofollow links and more.

CommentLuv  Has 8 Plugins In 1

After getting the premium version of CommentLuv  I removed some other plugins because it has 8 plugins that came with it. This helped my blog’s performance, making it load much faster.

Check out the other wonderful plugins that you get with CommentLuv Premium:

  • GASP

Helps to prevent spam.

  • KeywordLuv

Commentator can use keywords in name field.

  • Twitterlink Comments

Commentator gets to share their twitter  profile.

  • CommentLuv (of course)

Promotion of latest blog post.

  • Trackback Validation

Prevent or allow trackbacks.

  • Do Follow

Enable or disable do-follow on your blog.

  • Top Commentators Widget

Show love for your top commentators.

  • No Self Ping

Stops your blog from pinging itself.

You get all these features with the CommentLuv premium .

Should You Get CommentLuv?

Yes you should get this plugin now! I have personally seen increase in my traffic and comments have increased as well. When my readers leave comments and choose to promote my blog post, they can do so by tweeting, like it or give it a +1, this is tons of free promotion. We all know that free promotion equals more traffic and more traffic equals more sale.

If you aren’t rocking the CommentLuv premium on your blog then you are missing out.

Download the CommentLuv premium here .



Great CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

PR 6:

PR 5:

PR 4:

PR 3:


PR 2:

If your blog isn’t in this list and you use CommentLuv, then contact me and I will add it here.

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  1. Great post…Thanks for give me good advice for a blog posting

  2. Lynn Sanders says:

    Thank you for the list, some of those blogs are new to me.
    Ok, i admit most of those blogs are new to me.

    I’m glad to see you felt an improvement in the number of comments, but my advice to you is to keep an eye out for quality among those, numbers don’t matter that much.

  3. Chris Cole says:

    Hi Kharim,

    Thank you for this, I have a list just like this one and find it is a great asset to have. I must check the above list to see if there are any that I don’t have, I bet there are some 🙂

    I also see you are using Commentluv Premium, I also use this plugin and I think it is a fantastic plugin and every blogger should have this installed!

  4. Commentluv premium is a great plugin to with a lot of advantage on it. It is more than a plugin because it helps to build a community among the bloggers. They become interested to leave useful comments on others blogs and also helps them to improve their blog’s quality.

  5. Great list for blog commenting, thanks a million!

  6. Hi Kharim,

    Thanks for sharing this list. I agree with Tanvir. This plug in helps for building a good community. In last weeks, i visit many interesting sites. I learn so much about all the methods, WP Plugin, SEO, FB, Twitter… I read and learn for my own business. I want to start in 2012 and i`m thankful for all your Tips.

    I came from Germany and here the People don`t share. It’s so sad.

    So, i wish you all the Best and much fun with your projects 🙂

  7. SkaDandy567 says:

    This is a great post – I’ve been seeing Comment Luv all over the place recently and to be honest I wasn’t sure exactly how it worked so thanks for the help!

    Also the list you’re compiling is great – when I get round to putting Comment Luv on some of my sites I’ll be in touch.

    Thanks again.

  8. Hey thank you heaps for the list! You can add mine too, I have recently bought and installed the plugin on my PR3 do follow blog.


  9. It’s great to see bloggers embracing the new comluv and understanding the power it can give to your blog.
    Big thanks for the list as well.

  10. Wow, dude this is really an awesome list of commentluv blogs and about the commentluv being the best thing to happen in your blog thing, well it is the same with me too. I bought it from your link and I have been enjoying using it from the day I bought it 😉

  11. Angel Collins says:

    It’s amazing for people to support the power of the new Commentluv and upgrading their sites with its new enhanced features. Thank you for the list of commendable blogs! I’ll be following those ones too.

  12. We Luv it!

  13. Great insight, we’re considering commentluv but reluctant to do so unless we can manage it effectively. Do you spend long moderating comments?

  14. John Edget says:

    Thanks for the great list Kharim. I’m sure most of those blogs are great places to go.

  15. Nice Post Kharim. Although I have heard about commentluv and seen it on many blogs before, I never knew its impact of increasing web traffic. Thanks for this new piece of information.

  16. I am so happy with the lists you have shared… They are not on my list. I am planning to installed comment luv premium and that would be soon.

  17. Hi Kharim! I feel like CommentLuv has made a tremendous difference on my blog too. I get tons of comments and the engagement level is very high. Thanks for the link love 🙂


  19. Really wonderful post. I tried using free commentluv plugin provided by wp but my homepage turned to rss like page..later uninstalled. any suggestions?
    I use techmaish theme.

  20. I always say Comment Luv Premium is all in one. One of the best plug-in.

  21. Great list Kharim, very resourceful, I’ve not yet got my hands on the premium version of CommentLuv but will certainly be adding it to my blog before the New Year.

  22. i already have most of them but i got new links from this list too and i really want to thanks for helping me for increasing my commentLuv site list.

  23. Comment Luv is my favorite plug-in and this is awesome list.

  24. rockhuki101 says:

    Thank you for sharing the list of urls ? i also need urls of social bookmarking. if you have let me know.

  25. There are so many great blogs in this list, I guess it takes me 2-3 days to comment on them, too good to pass up this chance!

  26. This is a useful list of commentluv enabled blog, but ideally we’d keep comments closely related to our type of business, instead of randomly all over the place.

  27. Hi Kharim Tomlinson
    I know many people just send a guest post to high PR blog and think they have got a good link back. I was also doing the same. But PR of a home page and the guest post are different so it is as good as taking a link from PR0, if promotion is not done correctly.

    To tell you the truth I do track PR’s of my guest post and most of them are PR3 or higher currently.

  28. I have added CommentLuv on my Blog two days ago and really enhanced my blog comment system but ,I am not getting enough comments …
    Maybe I have to wait for few more days………
    Love this tool.:))))

  29. I absolutely love commentluv, I think it simply hels everyones blog! Great post! John

    • Yep, It really does. Since installing it on this blog I have received tons of great and positive comments. It has enhanced my blog’s commenting system so much in a positive way.

      Thanks for the kind comment 🙂

  30. Christopher Roberts says:

    Thanks for mentioning Technology Bloggers 🙂

  31. I see that you really love commentluv, so why don’t you enable it on this website too?

  32. I love the commentluv plugin and it shows us tons of useful abilities. This plugin has great benefits in developing a beautiful blog and its optimization. In my opinion, it should be a must-have tool for bloggers these days because of its benefits 🙂

  33. I have been using this list and it is the best list I have found in that most of the blogs listed are still using commentluv.

    I believe commenluv is the best way to get visitors to your site and to get them commenting. This helps for two reasons:
    1- More visits to your site helps build trust which results in eventual sales of your products or your affiliate products.
    2- A steady stream of comments gives your page fresh content which should keep you up at the top of the search engines.


  34. I will definitely hit Bookmark on this. List like this gives not only a place to leave comment on content but to make a network which is very much essential in a filed of blogging.

  35. Wow Nice. I am using Free Version.
    Soon i will change it to preminum version but before that i would love to change my theme.
    What is your suggestion Kharim about my Themse?

  36. I was looking for a good list of CommentLuv blogs. I already found it. Thanks Kharim for your excellent work

  37. Thanks after reading your post , I rightaway installed the plugin.Seems real good plugin.thanks for enlightening me.

  38. Kharim,

    You’re correct about CommentLuv. It’s one of those plugins that every serious blogger should have. There are two types of bloggers – those who blog just for fun, and then those who blog not only for fun, but also for promotion and to make money. CommentLuv is absolutely essential for those who want to promote and make money from their blogs. The plugin has some excellent features, such as the spam blocker and the ability to promote our Twitter pages. This is the way to build backlinks, which are also essential for a successful blog and to gain more traffic. A blog with little to no traffic will not be a money maker.

  39. I do really like the plugin as you stated there are many reasons why. Thanks for the great list of blogs to check out.

  40. Comment Luv is really an online gift and you have posted a complete dictionary of the blogs that have installed the Comment Luv Plug-in.

  41. Shalu Sharma says:

    I am mega interested in buying the premium plugin. But some of the features such as do-follow or no-follow is also present in the free version. Also GASP can be used separately as a free plugin. I would be grateful if you could comment on how the premium version has increased the traffic. By the way, thanks for the great list of sites using the commentluv plugin.

    • Thanks for your comment first of all.

      You can install seperate plugins to do them but having the 1 plugin that does it all makes your blog load faster. You can set it so that a user must share your article when commenting to get do-follow or 10 post to choose from.

      Its a really great plugin. Would you like to purchase? If so then contact me and I give you an offer.

      • Shalu Sharma says:

        Hey Karim, I get it now. Sure I am in the process of setting a couple of niche blogs using wordpress hence I will require the plugin. Although I am using the free version, perhaps its time I splashed out a little. Time to go pro I suppose.

  42. Now this is what one should call a useful post is. Good list of comment luv enabled blogs. This will really help me. One thing good about this list is that you have mentioned so any names and that too with good/high PR. You made my work a lot easier. I should thank you for this. Well thanks

  43. CommentLuv is a great plugin. Not only does it encourage discussion, it gives the people who comment an incentive to get their latest post seen by my other visitors.

  44. Thanks for the post and especially for the list of Blogs with Comment Luv along with PR 🙂

  45. Dear Admin

    Thanks for providing an effective Blog that offers complete synchronization between creativity and information.Your Blogs meets all the requirements of the readers and is user friendly and provide the best and best information to the reader.

    Thank you so much for share the great list…!!!!

  46. modest prom dresses says:

    Commentluv premium plugin is really a cost-effective tool to used in generating traffic and so much good features.

  47. This is one of the best CommentLuv enabled list I have come across. Excellent compilation Kharim. Thanks for sharing. Now I will just check how many of these blogs have CommentLuv still enabled.

  48. i definitely agree with this post…commentluv plugin can fetch a lot of traffic to your blog..thanks for sharing this amazing article Kharim…enjoyed every bit of it . … 🙂

  49. I probably am one of you guys who love commentluv. I like the fact that you can share your latest post whenever you make a comment on other’s blogs. You see, most anchor text you can make would be your name. With commentluv, you can share the entire title of your latest blog posting. It’s one way to promote your blog to fellow comment posters who might find your title interesting, in turn, driving traffic to your blog.

  50. I’ve just bookmarked this post so that I could use this blogs for commenting and I really appreciate your sharing.


  51. wow relly awesome. i love commentluv plugin.
    Thanks for providing an effective Blog PR
    thanx for provide a great list of Blogs
    thank u so much
    Happy Blogging

  52. Just want to update your list that my blog also a commentluv-enable blog that offering a dofollow links for anyone left comments.

  53. thanks, nice post, your blog have stunning guides all over

  54. Thanks friend,

    You have given details about commentLuv details paid services, but is there any website giving the free service.


  55. great commentluv information and i do love it as much as everyone else.

  56. Hi Kharim,

    No doubt its really very great plugin indeed becasue I spend most of my time to do comment on those blog that have comment Luv enabled blog. I really ejoy to do comment on those blogs. I also want to buy this premium plugin and I liked those blog that have top commentator widget and I am so happy that I am on top in top commentator widget.

    Any way thanks Kharim for sharing reviews about this great plugin and also share lots of comment luv enabled blog.

    Best Regards:
    Areesha Noor!

  57. Thanks for your great tech blogs url. Nice collection !!!

  58. nice article nice blog keep up the good work !

  59. Yup Kharim Tomlinson this commentluv premium is one of the best thing you can do to promote your blog and increase your domain authority.

  60. Any way thanks Kharim for sharing reviews about this great plugin and also share lots of comment luv enabled blog.

  61. Yup Kharim Tomlinson this commentluv premium is one of the best thing you can do to promote your blog and increase your domain authority

  62. i am going to get that plugin…thanks

  63. What measure to take to keep spammers away from commentluv?

  64. Great list of comment Luv site URL.

  65. great list thanks for this.

  66. Commentluv is good.. Will try. Thanks for the list.

  67. very nice post

  68. this is the only reason I love comment luv,,
    thank you so much for the list,

  69. Comment luv is the best platform for bloggers, I like the concept of commentluv

  70. these comment luv plugins are the real LOVE.

  71. nice info, thanks for sharing.

  72. thank you so much for the list. thanks to author

  73. great list thanks for this….I am sharing this post…

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