How To Make Blog Post Writing Very Easy

One of the main part of blogging is writing.

Contents that we have written on our blog is the reason why readers visit our blog so that they can we have written. So no doubt writing has to take place in order for people to want to come to our blog for them to gain knowledge on certain topics.

Time upon time lots of people find it difficult to write a blog post. Some even come to the conclusion that blogging is hard. But it truth and in fact, blogging isn’t hard and neither is blog writing.

In this article, I will be giving you tips on how to make blog writing very easy.


Choose A Topic To Write On

The first thing that you want to do before you start writing the introduction to your blog post is to choose a topic to write on. When you choose a topic to write on, then you have already laid the groundwork for your blog post.

All your writing will now center on that topic and this will be easy to do.

Make sure that your topic is also something that you have knowledge about to make your blog writing a success. Having knowledge about a certain topic also makes the right words fall into place.

List The Points That You Wish To Write About

Now that you have started writing your article, you want to make a list of the main points that you wish to highlight in your post.

These points can also be classed as sub-headings.

When writing on these sub-headings try your very best to make your points understandable to your audience. Remember, even though you want to make your blog post writing easy you still have to keep your audience in mind.

Have Fun While Writing

Don’t think of writing as a task or a job. Think of writing as something fun and enjoyable.

Think of writing as telling a story that adds knowledge to ones life. This way you will have fun writing and also your readers will enjoy reading what you have written.

Writing on what you know is all about sharing your knowledge with others and when sharing of knowledge is done then this should be something fun to do.

So have fun writing and sharing your knowledge as you write your blog post.


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About Kharim Tomlinson

Hello, My name is Kharim Tomlinson and I am the proud owner of this blog.

Please feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to this blog.

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  1. Baldwin says:

    Hi Kharim, Great or passionate writing is always beneficial for your business. These are nice tips for having that. The most interesting part of this post is “have fun while writing”. It will boost you to come up with new ideas.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. good article. nice to one

  3. michael says:

    Hi Kharim,Wonderful information, your website gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanks once again.

  4. Thanks for the nice post. I remember that writing in the beginning was very difficult for me but with practice you become more skilled and more self confident.

  5. sarika jatoliya from Hard money loans says:

    Hello dear

    i appreciate with your post and i think you are right title is most important really so create always attractive and unique, so thank for sharing me

  6. Felix Lee says:

    These are well-presented and precise tips. Sometimes, we experienced that mental block and we lost ideas on what to write and how it would be well-written.

  7. Dulkosim says:

    a very useful article for potential bloggers so he could later figure out what he wrote and how that content is content to attract.

  8. reetika gupta says:

    Hello Kharim,
    Interesting Article and its must for us. and which you have told us in your post really That’s fact Actually we need to write some interesting Topic and should be also content. so that it can get on your blog post. when Your post will be interesting then definitely they will come on it.. well thanks bro for sharing this post.

  9. Reetika Gupta says:

    Hello Kharim,
    Nice Post and i am impressed with you Actually as you have told us in your post really its amazing and its very helpful for me. and as we know that original content is must for our blogs. so i like your tips sure i will try. thanks for this post.

  10. Thanks for sharing this awesome article. I spend lots of time on setting a SEO and user friendly title, before start writing and i think attractive titles are important to get good visitors on a blog. What you say about it Kharim Tomlinson?

  11. Nice tips Kharim. This will surely be good for those who wish to start writing out their new blogs. May I also add that it would help to create short and simple sentences that are easy to understand by the readers. Most writers would probably think that readers are likely to get impressed with complex jargon of words, when in fact it can result to the exact opposite.

    More power to you!

  12. Thanks for sharing this Kharim. Writing blog posts are not as easy as everyone would think so these tips will really help. Keep it up.

  13. The main thing you need to do is get ready with what you are going to write otherwise you will surely come up with mistakes.

  14. Wonderful post for bloggers and content writers. Writing can be a great fun if done with proper roadmap and a fresh mindset. Roadmap is listed in the post now one needs a fresh mind. 😛
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