5 Tips How You Can Get People To Read Your Blog Post

Would YOU like to get tons of readers for your blog post?

Of course you do! That’s the reason why you are reading this post.

All of us as bloggers want to get readers to our blog post. That’s the reason why we write them.

Getting readers for your blog post is not just getting people who will consume the information that you have written, but this also means these people could become targeted traffic and also loyal readers of your blog.

But can you get people to read your blog post?

In this blog post I am going to be giving you 5 tips on how you can get some blog post readers.

Use Eye-Catching Headlines

In order to get your blog post noticed in the first place then you must have an eye-catching title/headline.

This is one of the first things that always gets noticed by most people, the headline of the blog post.

Why is it that the headline gets noticed first before the whole entire blog post?

This is because the headline font is normally bigger than the font that is used in the body of the blog post. Most of the times the headline for the blog post is used with the H1 tag so as to get your blog readers to notice the article and also for search engine robots to pick up your headline as well.

The more eye-catching your article headline is then the easier it may be to get people to read your article.

Having interesting/eye-catching articles for your blog post will do the trick in getting more readers for your blog post.

Comment On CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

My first point was about getting your blog posts noticed by people so that you can stir up some interest in them so that they can click on your blog post headline and read your blog post.

You can now make comments on blogs that have the CommentLuv Plugin installed.

When you leave a comment on those type of blogs, then you have the option of promoting your blog posts. This means after you leave a comment a link to your blog post of choice will be at the bottom of your comment.

Notice how having an eye-catching headline and CommentLuv plugin works in promotion your blog post?


CommentLuv enabled blogs are a great means of promotion for your new blog posts whenever you leave a comment on those blogs.

If the blog that you are commenting on has lots of traffic then you can get people from that blog to read your blog post.

Insert Cool Images On Blog Posts

A picture tells a thousand words.

Do you believe in that statement?

I do! What about you?

Pictures have the power to light up a room and put a smile on people’s face after grabbing their attention. This is why an art gallery is full of smiling people.

Having pictures on your blog post will also help to grab the attention of onlookers who browse your blog.

Having cool images which helps to describe your blog post is a great strategy that you can use to catch the attention of your blog visitors so that they can read your blog post.

Another thing that you can use the get people to read your blog post is by the use of infographics.

Infographics are informational graphics, meaning that you have information written on a picture.

You can compile an entire blog post into an infographic, make it interesting and then you will have tons of readers to your blog post.

Have A Great Introduction

Most bloggers don’t want to heavy down their front page with long texts so what they do is use excerpts on their blog’s front page.

Excerpts are the first few opening sentences to a blog post.

Excerpts can also be described as the introduction to a blog post.

If you use excerpts on your blog post then no doubt you would want to write interesting introduction as well for your blog post.

Blog posts introduction helps to wet the appetite of readers so that they want to read the full blog post.

The blog post should be interesting and have information which will capture the attention of your blog readers having them reading to the end of your blog post.

Normally a great introduction means a great blog post, so great effort should be placed into writing great introductions for your blog posts so that you can get people to read your blog post.

Share Your Articles On Social Media/Social Networking

Another great way to find readers for your blog post is on social media or social networking sites.

These types of sites are normally full of online people and you can catch their attention and bring them back to your blog post.

All you need to do is sign up to the popular social media or social networking sties, take to the other members of the site if possible, get some followers or friends and after that you can start sharing your blog posts with them.

Try your best to find people who share the same interests with you, this will make sharing your articles with them much easier.

The reason for using social media or social networking sites to get blog readers is because millions of people use them and it is a great free means of promotion for your blog post.

When sharing be sure to have a great description or title for your blog post and for other sites such as Pinterest use great eye catching images.

If you haven’t been using social media or social networking sites to promote your blog posts then you have been missing out on getting blog post readers.

In Conclusion…

I write my blog posts to educate others about the wonderful things that they can achieve through blogging.

So the more persons I can get to read my blog post then the better is for both of us.

I hope that you have liked my blog post and thanks for reading.

Please leave your comments on how you get readers for your blog post.

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About Kharim Tomlinson

Hello, My name is Kharim Tomlinson and I am the proud owner of this blog.

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  1. Participate in forms and share the articles in forums. Provide related posts and Interlinking to increase your readers and page views.
    Tushar recently posted…Which things you should consider while buying NetbookMy Profile

    • Hey Tushar,

      That is the best way to get more readers to your blog and also to keep them on your blog. By sharing related posts with them then you can benefit greatly with those blogging tips.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Dawn Schneider from CPA Chandler AZ says:

    Adding images to a blog is an aspect I had never tried with my tax preparation business. Obviously catchy headlines and solid materials are key but I guess making it eye catching with a nice picture really could push it to the next level. Thanks for the ideas.
    Dawn Schneider recently posted…401k & IRA Contribution Limits Increase for 2013My Profile

  3. jawad zaib says:

    Actually blogger need to think out of the box to get more readers, Facebook and twitter are both great tools but there are many other social media tools that can boost your traffic like Pinterest and StumbleUpon so we can take good advantage of these tools as well…

  4. hey kharim,

    your idea and thoughts are very interesting,your idea about educating the people from your blog is very true i like it. your idea about having great intro help my blog to reach at good position.

    piyush joshi recently posted…7 (Radical?) Ways to Take Your Blogging To Another Level In 2013My Profile

    • Hey Piyush,

      Great to know that you are having success with my tips. If you find people who are eager for your knowledge then this is one of the best ways to reach blogging success and also a great source for blog traffic.

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. Zion Amal says:

    Thanks Karim, Well written.
    You really made it simple enough and now I can force my readers to spend some time on my blog posts.

  6. Having Eye-Catching Headlines is very important because that’s what many people see and decide where to go. It’s like a door into your blog.

  7. Hey Kharim, you have pointed out some important suggestions regarding blog traffic. When i started commenting on different blog, initially it was too boring for me, but now it’s like a fun and i am doing it with much interest. Your tips described above are good enough for increasing traffic of a blog. Thanks for your concern.

    • Hey Vikram,

      Blog commenting may be time consuming but trust me it will be worth it in the end. Blog commenting not only boost blog traffic but it opens up the door to many more successful way for that blogger.

      Thanks for the comment.

  8. Thank you very much for the sharing. you give me a great Ideas to Improve my blogs.

  9. If you don’t have comment luv enable blog then I think FB like tweet and Pint it botton should be on blog and all these things are for Optimization.
    The most important part of a blog is the content and the presentation of your site which attract every one to you.

  10. monaedward says:

    Kharim this is good but do you think there are some blogs like I can not have comment luv enable on my blogs is that effect on it or let it just going on with my social media.

  11. The best way to get readers to your blog is guest posting on popular blogs. And the second one is social media. As social media is the main part of getting attention of readers.

  12. Ranbir Kapoor says:

    Well said mate.
    Eye catchy headlines are one of the best way to attract more readers.

  13. Kharim so far i found your site the best and easy way to learn about blogging .As far as social media sharing … now there are two option i-e free and promoted and you know that the newbie cant spent lot on promotion đŸ™‚

  14. Dame string says:

    Great post! The way you explained it…makes the process of writing a blog post very clear it will attract the people and social media is also help for blog traffic. Thanks for share.

  15. Image and videos are the best methods to make a blog active. Most people won’t even read a paragraph if the content article does not have some attractive images. Again, bullet points and attractive introduction does the magic. my opinion

  16. i read our whole post it was a great experience to learn this helped me alot for my block Eye-Catching Headlines are something the users loved to read .share and post more worthful information like this thanks ….doing great job
    malihakhan recently posted…Windows 8.1 Loader By Daz Extreme Edition 2016My Profile

  17. I have just implemented commentluv on my website after reading various recommendations.

    I can see from the number of comments you are getting, it is clearly working for you. I take your points on using images and headlines.
    Joe Kizlauskas recently posted…Pockit Prepaid Mastercard ReviewMy Profile

  18. Yes I agree with you. and If you always publish great contents on a regular basis then you will have your readers around your blog more often.

    i just change my blog content and mange proper way and informational..

    thanks for the sharing…
    rajesh varma recently posted…Easy, Fast and Comfortable Cabs from Pune to MumbaiMy Profile

  19. Hi Kharim,

    True it is. Every internet marketer wants traffic in her/ his blog. And one has to work really smart to drive traffic in their web pages. ‘They will come if you build it’ theory surely doesn’t hold any more.

    The title or headline is the first most thing any user observes in the SERPs or in social shares. So it is very much needed that we make them interesting and catchy. Thanks for sharing about all the tips.
    Manidipa recently posted…TeslaThemes Coupon Code – 50% off Anniversary Sale 2016My Profile


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