How To Promote Your Website Before It’s Launched

Promotion is a lengthy process taking months, and that is why some business owners understand that even if the project is only in development, the earlier they will start to promote it, the faster the result after launch will be. We know that website development may take a month or two, and in some cases more than half a year, depending on its complexity.

During this time it would be good to make already something in respect of promotion. But how can you approach this process? What benefits will you have after launching the site, if you start to spin it before? In this article we will try to outline these issues and hope it will be interesting and useful for you.

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Let’s start from age of website. It is one of the factors used by Yandex and Google to rank. The older the site, the better the search engines treat it. Therefore, it is better to buy a domain in advance and place on it any content in order that after the launch of the desired project it had already any age.


Now let’s pay attention on indexation. Everyone knows that new sites are included in the index of search engines not as quickly as its owner would like. The usual scheme of resource’s life is following: buying a domain and hosting, site design, layout and site development and then filling by any content, then start waiting indexing in search engines, and only in conclusion advance and promotion. This chain is very long and you can optimize it only reducing the time for each stage or combining several steps into one. If you start untwisting a site in advance, after its launch you won’t need to wait for its indexing in Yandex or Google, it will be good-known in these search engines.


Also you shouldn’t forget about link history. Link is one of the external factors which are still important in site promoting in the search engines. Search engines look into the link history, analyzing age, variety, and other points and on the basis of these points they draw a conclusion about the site popularity in the network. You shouldn’t wait when you site will be ready in order to forming its link history.

Clients base

And in conclusion I want to write a little about client base. In addition, if you have a commercial website or database for future users (subscribers) of the resource / service, the splash page will help to raise the initial client base. Thus you can leave your phone number or address to communicate with you, or a form where people can enter their email and later receive a notification message about site opening. You know, people always like to be first in everything.

About the author:
Alex Strike is a manager of online eBooks service. He is interested in Internet marketing, social media, and the Internet in general.


  1. I am going to launch this site all top tens very soon, and started promoting this online, is this the right way to do?

  2. Excellent post mate !
    You made me aware of the points i didn’t know of . I never knew that search engines consider the domain age too for ranking posts higher and you’ve suggested a good idea of purchasing the domain name in advance before making the domain live on the internet . Thanks for sharing the information .


    • Alex Strike says:

      Thank you for your comment! Glad to know that someone finds my piece of writing useful anf interesting.


  3. Best article thanks a lot for sharing keep it up 🙂

  4. You have shared useful information with us regarding the websites promotion . Your points are very much helpful and i agree that Links are also very much important . Everyone must read this who is going to start a new site .

  5. It was very interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks the author for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read more soon.Little bit i know reagtrding Twitter Bootstrap it’s a front-end toolkit for rapidly developing web applications and is built with Less, a flexible pre-processor offering more power than traditional CSS.

  6. ngah Benoit says:

    Wow, this article is really great. I am presently building a website and have been waiting till I finish the website before I start doing the publicity but after reading this article, I’ve realized that I need to start promoting my website right away. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Alex,

    Nice tips but I will add social media to your list. Creating social media pages and updating your target audience with latest updates regarding launch is very effective method for promotion and is being used by lot of startups


  8. Wow nice and unqiue post with unique ideas, To be honest i really don’t know of them.

    thanks for sharing.

  9. Mohit Rajwani says:

    I fully agree with you alex and thank you for written this article.I got lots of information in this article.I am making my new website.After reading your article.I am Promoting my Website Before It will Launch.

  10. Bilal Malik says:

    I do agree with your points! I want to add one more thing in Link part is that ” people think that the more we link we make, the quicker we get higher rank “. Somehow it’s right but if you see the other side of the coin. Link should be high quality and natural links. We are making unnatural links to promote our site then our website is just for short term, we have to look for long term.


  11. I am using the same method to Promote one of my forums that has not been launched yet.I am hoping for some great traffic the first day.

    • Alex Strike says:

      Hello Gautam!

      Sorry for my late reply!

      Thank you for your comment, and I really hope you have a lot of traffic from your website now)))


  12. Shathyan Rajas says:


    That was an awesome article which would be useful for many. Yes every one including me will wait for a blog to start, write post and then promote it. But guess that the old method to do. As now days we have many blogs on same niche, so its better to start marketing and promote before we launch it.

    Thanks for sharing some useful tips to promote our blogs before its launched.

  13. You have said that we should use aged domain.Should we buy out an expired domain and go with that,will that also look like a old aged domain ?

    • Alex Strike says:

      Hello Alia!

      Sorry for my late reply!

      You can buy an expired domain of course, but I am not sure if it good from the point of Google rank. But I can say from my own experience as a blogger, that many owners of really cool websites just sell their active domains for this or that reason. that is why propably it would be better to buy such a kind of domain: active and good from the point of ranking. i am sure, there are some places where these websites owners meet and tell about their blogs for sale, so, you can contact them there and discuss all the details. I never did it by my own, that is why, unfortunately, I can’t name you the exact places or services here…

      All the best!

  14. Hey Alex,
    you could also set up, your social media accounts and pages,
    while your main website is still under construction you can start building and growing fans and interacting with them on social media, getting some popularity that way when you are ready to launch your web, you would have already a strong base of fans and you would create a vibe to your web instead of having to start from scratch and nobody notices your web being launched!
    Many thanks and Best wishes!

  15. Soni Sharma says:

    cool tips..Explore old domains and client base…

  16. I really appreciate your short and brief stuff about important points to take care of while promoting my website .

    Thanx a ton.

  17. Hi Alex,
    It is pretty cool that bloggers like you are sharing this with all the blogger community.
    Well, Thanks a lot for your words and sharing your knowledge.
    After all, Sharing is Caring.
    Thanks once again.

  18. Gautham Nekkanti says:

    Promotion of website, before launching is a great idea to create a hype and intrigue more users to our site. It’s simple, create fire before the heat.

  19. Hey Alex, great topic dude………. We mostly think of promoting our sites after it is launched, but promoting them before launch is an great idea. Thanks for sharing such an helpful article.

  20. Hi Alex,

    Honestly I have no idea how to promote a website before it’s launched. One thing come up in my head is offline methods.

  21. Hi Alex,

    Awesome tips and I guess that’s why I see people who are talking about product launches getting their landing page up to capture a person’s email to let them know when their product goes live.

    Thanks for sharing this, I may have to try this when I get ready to launch my next site. I would be nice to get a jump start on the promotion before the site is actually launched. Thanks for sharing this, have a great day.

  22. I have a new blog and the only problem am having is with Indexing because am not ranking on google for my exact domain yet.

  23. Well, I have seen some pretty good tips in your post..!!

    Learnt new ways of promoting, I’m glad to come across your blog, when I was just wondering to get some more ideas to promote my site, and I must say, I have come to the right place, really nice article.

  24. Links have always been hard to get, they take a lot of effort to get. I would like to know of various methods that people use to get links to their articles.

  25. very well written that promotion is needed and for this we have to be shameless to anyone we meet and talk about our website what is it about.
    This can also be a great reason of promotion.

  26. These are all very useful tips. Promoting a site is never easy but it is very possible to be successful. It takes a lot o hardwork and knowledge.

  27. Neha Khulbe says:

    Thanks for the tips. I recently started a new site and this is going to help 🙂

  28. Sam Adeyinka says:

    Hey Alex, and welcome to Kharim’s blog – it surely is nice to see you here. 🙂

    What an excellent and insightful tips you’ve shared here. I did partly the mention tips and I’m glad and please to tell you that it does work for me.

    Thanks for sharing it with this great community.


  29. Excellent post, Alex. Nicely explained and very informative. Anyway, many places and many time i have read and heard that Google relies more on older domain and it’s true from Google. But if i want to create my own blog then i will have to go from scratch means register new domain and hosting and the age will be calculated from the registration date. My question is that, does Google less rely on my newly registered domain less. And can you tell me where can i find older domain which are for sale..Thanks

    • Alex Strike says:

      Thank you for your comment, Aiden.

      Google always changes, and its specialists do everything possible to improve its work. it is good of course, but very often website owners are not in time with all big changes )) One day we have one algorithm, and tomorrow we have another one already)) It is quite logical from Google to trust older domains, though their age is not a guarantee of their greatness: there are many new websites with new domains, that can be called much better than old ones. That is why I think that the ownners of such websites should not give up, and should not wait for their domain to go old, but work on their promotion in a right way, remembering all the nuances. Young does not mean weak, as for me))

      As for your question about the place to find older domains, unfirtunately, Ican not help you here, sorry…

  30. thanks for the article,

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