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I hope that you have been following my blog and had read my last article on how to get free targeted traffic to your blog. If not then I urge you to read that article on how you can generate targeted blog traffic before reading this post. Why? Because this is […]

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One thing that your blog can’t have too much of is free targeted traffic. In order for your blog to become successful then it has to be getting traffic to it. Most blogs and especially new bloggers crave for traffic, this is because incoming traffic to a blog is like a […]

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Yes, there’s Bing and Yahoo! but let’s face it: Google controls the majority of the search engine market. That’s why every entrepreneur with a web presence buzzes when Google comes out with a new algorithm update, as we’ve discussed here before. It’s also why we would never recommend trying to […]

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In this day and age, everything’s been done before at least once. So the chances of you coming up with a completely unique business idea with little-to-no competition are pretty slim. So rather than fret about all the competition, why not capitalize on it? In fact, with so many ideas […]

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With billions of websites on the Internet, it isn’t too hard to find high PR backlinks. However, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to get a backlink that can give your website a boost to the top of Google. With endless opportunities, here are some methods […]

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In order for your blog post to go viral then it has to get tons of shares by people online. In turn this will pull in lots of traffic to your blog and create a buzz around that article. But how do you get your audience to share your articles […]

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Promotion is a lengthy process taking months, and that is why some business owners understand that even if the project is only in development, the earlier they will start to promote it, the faster the result after launch will be. We know that website development may take a month or […]

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It’s no secret that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing platforms in the world of social media. From stay at home moms to large corporations, millions of users are pinning their favorite items and products on a daily basis. From a marketing perspective, Pinterest is a promotional tool with […]

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When you have a small business it often means that you are wearing more than one hat, and possibly many different ones. This means your time is often limited, and generating traffic to your blog is crucial – and you need to know what traffic generating methods will be most […]

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Imagine thousands of targeted traffic hitting your blog daily? What difference would it make for your business? It doesn’t matter how valuable your posts are, without the right eyeballs, you’re heading for failure. Am I right? I want to help you eliminate that ugly story right now, and share traffic […]

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