How To Grow Your Mailing List With These 15 Amazing Tips

How To Grow Your Mailing List

If you have a mailing list and you have been using it to grow your blog, then you will have great blogging success.

Most professional bloggers have a mailing list and this is what most of them use to help them get to blogging success.

Having a mailing list can help to generate traffic for your blog and to also make money online.

There are tons of people who would like to build a mailing list. Most of them do but the problem that they have is to grow their mailing list and get lots of people to subscribe.

In this blog post I am going to be giving you 15 great tips which will help you to grow your mailing list.

Simply Write Great Contents

Most bloggers who write great blog contents don’t need to do anything extra for the people to come flocking to their email list.

Once there is great contents on a blog for people to read then this makes it easier in growing an email list. All this blogger has to do is to continue to write wonderful articles for the readers and display a subscription form.

If the blog has great content that the readers enjoy then no doubt they can also get great tips as well from the blogger through the form of email. Most of the time as well the blogger doesn’t have to ask the readers to subscribe, they willingly do so all because of the wonderful content on the blog.

Make Your Subscription Form Visible

If you want to grow your mailing list subscribers, why hide the subscription form from your readers?

Hiding the opt-in form will not help to build up your subscribers list.

Displaying your subscription form where your readers can see will help yo grow your list in no time.

One of the most common places where people normally place their subscription form is in the side bar. This is because there are tons of plugins that you can use to place a subscription widget there. The sidebar on a blog as well can prove to be successful in converting sales, generating leads and also used for growing a mailing list.

Apart from the sidebar, have you ever tried placing a subscription form in the header of your blog?

Great things can happen for your email list if you display your opt-in form in your header.

Also another great place to have opt-in form is below each blog post. This is because if your readers are willing to read your blog post to the end, then this means that they can easily subscribe to your mailing list if they enjoyed what the have read with great ease.

Give Away Free Stuff

Are you bribing your blog readers to subscribe to your blog?

Well that might work in building up your mailing list. It always works!

Giving away a freebie has been one of the top and also one of the most used methods in building up a mailing list.

What works great is to give away something for free that you know your blog readers would want. Giving away an item that can be found anywhere might not work.

You have to offer an item that is needed by people and also something of value.

But what if your subscribers decide to leave your mailing list after they have gotten their free download?

Well what you can do is set up an autoresponder to email them a few days later with yet another great and irresistible freebie. Be sure to tell them in the first email though that you will be giving them another free gift a few days time so that they can stay subscribed to your email list.

Use PopUp Subscription Form

One of the top 10 things that your blog visitors may not like about your blog is that you have pop ups everywhere.

I am telling you, they can be pretty annoying!

But if you want to build up an email list then the use of pop ups can help to do so with great results.

But how can you avoid annoying your blog visitors with your pop ups?

Well one thing that you can do is delay your pop up. Don’t allow your subscription form to pop up as soon as the blog page loads. That is really annoying to me.

What I suggest is to set your pop up to pop at 1 minute or more.


This is because if a person stays on your blog that long then your blog may have ignited a spark in them. If they are on your blog for that long then you can show a pop up after 1 minute and chances are this will cause you to get more subscription.

Another thing to do to not annoy your blog visitors with your pop up is to use cookies when they close the subscription pop up box.

Cookies allows the pop up box to remember that a particular person has already subscribed to your blog or has closed the pop up box so it won’t display the pop up form to that person again (unless he/she clears their browser cookies).

Pop ups can be annoying, but if you have some sort of tactics, then it can work great for you without any problems to your blog readers.

Check out this picture below of a stats sheet when a pop up is turned off.

PopUp Removed From Blog

So you be the judge of your blog when it comes to using pop ups.

Use The KISS Factor For Opt-In Form

When I say KISS I am not talking a literal kiss, because your blog readers wouldn’t like it if you just come up to them and actually kiss them.

They would wonder how many kisses you have done in a day and then to be kissing them as well.

Okay! Lets not stray from the topic!

KISS means Keep It Short & Simple.

If a person has to go through a lot to subscribe to your mailing list then this can be a turn off to them.

You want to keep your subscription form short and simple. This will make subscribing to your mailing list easier.

Most blogs only use email submission, which is the primary thing to use when signing up.

Other blogs may require a name and email.

No need to have a person filling out their location, gender or age when subscribing to your blog.

The shorter the form, the more sign ups you will get.

Always remember to keep it short and simple.

Landing Page Always Work

A landing page is a page that a person normally lands on when they visit your blog.

Most blogs with landing pages reports that they have 50% or more conversation rate to their mailing list.

Having a landing page which encourages your first time visitors to subscribe is a great way to go.

Always remember the point above that you should have a freebie to give them so that your landing page works for you.

When leaving blog comments, doing guest posting or forum posting, you can get more people to view your landing page by leaving a link to your landing page instead of your regular homepage or a link back to your article.

If they wish to subscribe to your blog then this will prove to you that your landing page is converting.

Reply Me & Thank Me Later Plugins

Their are two great plugins that you can use to help grow your mailing list.

After a reader comments on your article, you have a plugin called Thank Me Later that you can use on your WordPress blog to send them an email thanking them for commenting on your blog.

You can also use another WordPress plugin called Reply Me to send them an email whenever their comment has a new reply.

Both plugins can be used to convert more subscriptions to your email list.

You can customize each plugin the way that you want. You can add images or links to each email.

If you are creative then you can customize your plugins to invite your commentator to join your mailing list as well.

Why would your commentator want to join your mailing list?

This is because that person took the time out to read your article and also went the extra mile to leave a comment. Inviting this person to join your mailing list can give you more chances of growing your list.

In Addition: There is also this other WordPress plugin that you can use called Comment Redirect. With this plugin you can redirect commentators who just made their first comment to a page of your choice. On this page, you could thank them for commenting and ask them to subscribe to your blog or mailing list.

This is a great way to build your mailing list.

Optimize Your Popular Articles

This is like one of the simplest methods to grow your mailing list.

Optimize your popular articles so that they can convert and grow your mailing list.

If tons of people are viewing some particular topics on your blog, you can place an opt-in form in the middle of your article inviting the reader to join your mailing list.

Edit your your popular blog post and embed your subscription box for the readers to see it.

If the article is popular then you can place an opt-in form there.

If they like your article and would like to read more, then they can freely subscribe to your blog.

Numbers Can Pull In More Subscribers

You can social proof your mailing list and show off the amount of people who has subscribed to your mailing list.

Doing this will help to encourage more people to subscribe, especially if you have a high number of subscribers.

90,000 subscribers

This image above is a screen shot showing that this blogger has over 90,000 people subscribed to his mailing list.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of that 90,000 smart people list?

Of course you would!

So if you have a high number of subscribers and you still want to gain more, then show off your social proof and this will help to encourage more people to subscribe to your list.

Get Subscribers Testimonial

Another great way to get more subscribers is to ask your current subscribers to write a short testimonial why others should join your mailing list.

This is where people will get recommendations why your mailing list is great.

Displaying testimonials below an opt-in form below the sidebar subscription for or below the after post form will be a great way to convert some new subscribers.

It is also great to display testimonials on landing pages or squeeze pages as well.

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5 Additional List Building Tips

Subscribe Via Comment Form

I have seen this on many blogs and I also use it on my blog.

The results are great!

There is this little check box in the comment form which the commentator can tick when making a comment to subscribe to my mailing list. When they tick this box and submit their comment they will be automatically added to my mailing list without any further confirmation.

You can also tick the box by itself so that each commentator will be added to the list.

There are tons of plugins that can be used to do this. Hassle free and easy to grow a mailing list.

Don’t Annoy Current Subscribers

In order to grow your mailing list then you have to keep as much as your subscribers subscribed to your blog.

One of the best ways to do this is to always deliver quality content to your subscribers and not annoy them too much by spamming their inbox.

Ask Subscribers To Forward OR Refer Their Friends

Word of mouth is a powerful viral technique that works great with email marketing. Ask your subscribers to share or forward your newsletter that they have received to others if they enjoyed reading it. Doing this will help others to see the wonderful things that you are sharing and if they like it they too can subscribe as well.

You can also reward your subscribers for referring others to join your mailing list. You can do it in a form of a free gift when they refer other friends or interested persons to your mailing list.

This will help to double or even triple your mailing list in a short time.

Do Video Blogging

Tons of people will subscribe to your blog if you show your face and let your voice be heard.

Top bloggers get tons of people to subscribe to their mailing list by doing YouTube videos and also by embedding it on their blogs.

Share Each Campaign On Social Media

I have gained tons of new subscribers through Twitter and Facebook.

This is because I have an option to share each campaign that I send to my subscribers on social media sites that I use. Doing this will allow my followers to see the title of my newsletter and also a link to it.

When they visit the link, they have the option to subscribe to my mailing list. This is a trick that I use to grow my list and it always works.

In Conclusion…

I hope that you have read through this article and will come back to read it again so that my tips will have an impact on your mind and thoughts when it comes to building and growing an email list.

Their are tons of ways to grow an email list, these are my 15 amazing list building tips which works pretty well for me.

Try them and see your list grow today!

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  1. Great tips to read. Email list is an essential part of blogging these days. One should have a targeted user list for whom you should write content. In case affiliate marketing, this is the ultimate thing to do to get success.
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  2. Thank you for sharing nice information . I like to know more about what is new and i think that we must always learn from each other

  3. Hi Kharim,

    Subscribing via comment form is a very effective way to build list. Many a times users may not take that extra time to put their email id in the newsletter boxes. But while commenting only ticking to a checkbox is what it needs. I have seen a significant difference with the little checkbox below the comment form.

    Many actionable tips here. Would like to implement the Subscribers testimonial & Optimizing the popular articles soon. Thanks for such a detailed guide.
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