5 Reasons Why You Fail To Get Traffic From Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to any blog.

New bloggers often participate in guest blogging so that they can get there new blog recognized by other blog visitors. It is also one of the best ways for generating leads and making sales from affiliate links.

Guest blogging helps to build up backlinks and helps to establish your presence on the blogosphere.

Blogging is something that has been increasing everyday and will continue to get popular as the days go by. This is because blogging is quite easy and fun at the same time. Persons who wish to start a blog find it easy to set up without the knowledge of HTML or PHP.

So after a new blogger sets up their blog then guest blogging is one of the best ways to get traffic to that new blog. But if a new blogger wants to get traffic from their guest post then they have to do lots of rallying around that post in order to get traffic to their new blog.

Here are 5 of my reasons why some bloggers fail to get traffic from their guest post.

You Contribute Low Quality Articles

On of the reasons that you don’t get traffic from guest blogging is because you find the lowest quality content to contribute.

If you really want traffic through guest blogging then you have to make sure you produce the highest quality article that you can ever write. You should always try to put out your best when it comes to content writing. No one wants to fill their minds with junk after reading crappy content and in some cases most won’t read the full article after reading the first few lines of the article.

In some instances if you contribute low quality articles then chances are that the blog owner won’t even publish your article for his/her readers.

Another thing is to avoid topics that has been blogged about over and over. Nobody want’s to publish contents that has been publish on another blog.

Tip: Be unique when it comes to publishing your guest posts. Make sure you write to suite the readers needs. Research before you write because this will help you to write high quality articles.

You Don’t Fill-Out Your Author Bio

Another factor which contributes to you not getting traffic from your guest post is because you don’t fill out your author bio. This is crazy!

I have seen many instances where people do guest blogging and they don’t even take the time out to leave their biography with information about who they are. Not even a link back to their site!

How do you expect to get traffic to your blog if you don’t leave a website link? Impossible!

Tip: Always remember to fill out your author bio and leave one or two links leading back to your website or blog. Most guest bloggers are rewarded with links back to their blog through the author bio section, so make good use of it.

You Don’t Reply To Comments

How can you not reply to comments left on your guest post? Are you crazy? Don’t you want traffic?

Imagine that you wrote a letter (your guest post) to someone. After that person read your letter (your guest post) replied to that letter (your guest post). Wouldn’t it be respectful for replying back to the person? Yes it would.

Replying to comments on your guest posts helps to build up relationship between you and the commentator and helps to build backlinks back to your blog. Without you replying to comments then its like missing out on chance to make your next sale.

Blog commenting works and you should never ignore your comments.

Tip: Blog commenting works for many. Even if you didn’t write a blog post, you can still do blog commenting and this will help you to gain more traffic to your blog and also backlinks which helps in getting search engine traffic.

You Didn’t Embed Links To Your Blog

Whenever I write a guest post I always try to find related posts on my blog to which I am guest blogging a bout so that I can embed links back to my blog article.

That is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog and also to that article, and in turn more comments on that article as well. This also helps to build strong backlinks and will help you to gain lots of traffic.

Tip: When embedding links in your guest posts back to your blog, make sure that whatever you are writing about is related to the article that you are linking to. This will help to get the best click through to your blog. Also select the best keyword to link back to your article.

Your Guest Post Is Not Organized Well

What I mean by “not organized well” is that your guest post has no introduction. It has no paragraphs. It has no sub-headings.

So how do you expect readers to read your article and grasp knowledge from it?

In order for readers to gain knowledge from what you have written then you need to write in paragraphs and place each point in a new sentence. Placing each new point in a sentence makes your points stand out more. This will also make your blog post readable.

If you notice that through out this article you will see my writing style in which I use paragraphs and also sub-headings to make each point different from the other. This makes it easy to read and to get the main idea of what this blog post is saying.

Tip: Did you get to read one of my other awesome post about writing a blog post in 20 minutes? In this article I gave tips on how you can write a great article in a very short time: You can read it here so you can become a better writer and also a better guest blogger. How To Write A Great Blog Post In 20 Minutes 

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About Kharim Tomlinson

Hello, My name is Kharim Tomlinson and I am the proud owner of this blog.

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