7 Awesome Blogging Tips For Newbie Bloggers

One of my main reasons for creating this blog is to help new bloggers on their road to blogging success.

In my recent articles, I have seen tons of new bloggers thanking me for the wonderful articles that I have been writing which has helped them and their blog out in great ways.

Once again I would like to thank them for commenting on my blog and also welcome to to the blogosphere.

This article that you are now reading has vital information for you, if you are a new blogger and also information which can help to benefit existing bloggers to put life inside their blog.

Ehsan Ullah from GuideandNews.com recently wrote an article entitled The World Still Needs More Bloggers. In this article he specifically stated that “the world still have lots of rooms for upcoming blogs and bloggers” and I totally agree with him.

So this article will help newbie bloggers to grow their new blog.

Keep Topics Niche Related

When writing articles for your new blog, try not to make the mistake of writing articles not related to your niche.

Doing this will confuse the hell out of your blog readers!

Once you have chosen a topic for your blog, you want to make sure each article that you write goes hand in had with the topic of your blog. This way you are better at targeting people who are interested in your blog’s topic.

Writing off-topic will cause people who truly love your blog to go away and find another blog with the contents that they are really looking for.

For example: If your new blog has to do with turtles in an aquarium, don’t go talking about hamsters or rabbits. This is because your audience wants to read about turtles, not rabbits or hamsters.

Focus More On Content Writing

One thing for sure that everybody know is that a new blog is empty.

So in order to build up this blog then this new blogger has to focus more on content writing.

If visitors comes to a blog and it doesn’t have much content to keep them entertained then they are simply going to leave.

A new blogger’s aim should be content writing. Try to write at least 3 articles per week and also market these articles once they are published.

Reply To Each Comment, ASAP

If you write great articles for your blog, then you are going to receive great comments from the people who read and benefit from them.

How are you going to treat these comments left on your blog? Leave them lonely?

No you wouldn’t want to do that. That would be such a horrible thing to do.

You want to make sure that you reply to each and every comment left on your blog post. Not only that, you want to reply to comments as early as possible.

This will cause the commentator to see that you are an active blogger and you valued their comment, and that is the reason why you are replying to them.

Replying to comments early as will also help to bring back the commentators to your blog and this will result in more traffic to your blog.

Guest Post On A Regular Basis

One of the best and most effective way to get traffic to your new blog is through guest posting.

This will bring you and your blog in lots of on coming traffic, especially if your guest post on a blog that has a lot more traffic than yours.

If you really want to benefit from guest blogging then you should make guest blogging a regular habit.

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Start Building A Mailing List

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of bloggers say they make is that they started their mailing list late.

As for me, I purposefully started late because I wanted to test a few things with email marketing. Now that I have finished testing those stuff, I finally started my mailing list.

My advice to new bloggers is that it is never too late and neither it is too early to start build your mailing list.

Having an email list can be good for bringing back traffic to your blog and also good for marketing and making money.

Network With Other Bloggers

If you are new to blogging then what you want to do to get more buzz around you and your new blog is to communicate with other bloggers. Share their blog posts, ask them to share yours and also talk about stuff related to blogging. This can be classed as networking.

Networking plays a big role in blogging success.

If you network with each and every blogger that you come across, whether the person is in your niche or not, the networking is what will help you both to get connected as bloggers so that you can help each other on the road to success.

Keep Your Plugins In Mind

When you install plugins on your blog, this will help to enhance the performance or quality of your blog.

Plugins can be good for your blog and also can be a down fall as well.

What I am trying to say is that the more plugins that you install then the longer your blog takes to load.

Think of your blog as you. How make buckets of water can you carry? The fewer buckets that you have then the faster you will be able to move with them.

The fewer plugins your blog has then then the quicker your blog will load.

When your blog loads fast then the longer you will be able to keep your blog traffic.

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In Conclusion

If you just started a blog, you can apply these tips above and you will be on the road to blogging success.

Don’t focus too much on the money making process of blogging, because as you may have noticed I didn’t mention any of that in this article. Because this is killing a lot of new blogger’s true passion for blogging.

All you have to do is focus on building up an awesome blogging community and the money will come later as a great benefit.

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About Kharim Tomlinson

Hello, My name is Kharim Tomlinson and I am the proud owner of this blog.

Please feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to this blog.

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