5 Things To Know Before Creating Social Media Campaigns

Launching social media campaigns has been a craze among marketers who wish to register a thumping presence in the global markets. However, considering the fact that marketing should be more about specific business needs than being a part of market trends, there are several facts you need to be aware of before launching a campaign of this nature. Especially, if you happen to be resorting to social media campaigns for the first time; it is always advised to make informed decisions.

Listed below are some very important pieces of information with respect to social media campaigns that you must know.

Aspects to Consider before Resorting to Social Media Campaigns

1.    Social Media Marketing is Time Consuming—If you are more aligned to traditional marketing tools, the time investment in such campaigns must have been comparatively low. You simply make an advertisement, air it and assess the results. Social media marketing however would require a sizeable time commitment for ensuring success. Just making your presence felt on a popular social networking site like Facebook for instance, wouldn’t be enough. You would have to engage audiences and keep them interested in your products and offerings.

2.    Social Media Marketing Must Always Involve Advertising—Advertising on a social media marketing interface must be an essential aspect of social media campaigns. The advertisements posted here however, would not target the immediate need of the customer. It would rather concern an accumulation of self reported facts and activities manifested through “like”, “follows” and so on. Therefore, they can actually be extremely focused and well targeted.

3.    Hiring wisely is Important—Launching a successful social media campaign would essentially involve hiring experts who can help anchor it to success. Remember, selecting your expert solely on the basis of age is one of the biggest mistakes to commit. Just because someone is young and has been an avid Facebook addict since college does not mean that he or she is able use it to create successful campaigns. Google+ and Facebook are just tools, which can be easily taught. However, the ability to use them would depend on personal skill sets and experience and not on usage level or age.

4.    Cutting Back on Traditional Marketing is a Mistake—It is always wise to consider social marketing as just another option in your kitty if ideas, and not a brand new idea to be solely relied upon. While shifting some of your traditional marketing ideas to social networking platforms could be a good idea, these traditional techniques would still be of use. Although social networking possesses the advantage of being inexpensive, if you already have existing traditional campaigns that are delivering results, withdrawing them to focus on social media is a bad idea.

5.    Understand what is “Social”—Although social media marketing is clearly the latest fad, almost anything is labeled as “social” whereas the truth is clearly different. LinkedIn for instance, has very limited social activity barring recruitment, despite being reckoned as a “social” networking site. Similarly, Google+ too has a very limited range at the moment. Therefore, it would pay to choose a social networking platform that is actually accessed by your audience.

Making smart and well informed moves would ensure that your social networking campaigns bear fruit. It always advisable to make well assessed decisions for success.


  1. John Ernest says:

    I suggest that you hire only from respected hiring or online work websites. Search for online employment sites as there are so many and you could choose which one you are able to use fully and easily. Most of these sites have SOPs that allow you to know your contractor better. And in these application and interview sessions should you be able to determine which professional to hire.

  2. Hi Sofia
    nice post on social media marketing. I agree with all the points you have mentioned above. Especially the point on hiring wisely. it is very important to go for the most experienced smm expert rather then going for the cheapest. Always hire a professional for your sm marketing needs

    thanks for sharing this article

  3. Nice points, Social media campaigns requires time and engagement efforts only then you can see any result. You can’t expect lots of leads by just displaying your ads here and there.

  4. According to a GFK study, more and more companies use social media for marketing campaigns, so this article is extremely useful. Thanks!

  5. cmichaelsny says:

    Thanks for all the tips you share in here…I really appreciate this traditional kind of tips..

  6. It is true, when your doing your social media campaigns it takes time to ensure the success. And also you must choose a person that can be a big help in your work and also in your success.

  7. social networking says:

    Right post . your post very useful. i support your opinion . if any man to create Social Media Campaigns there must be know those five thing.Thanks lot of shearing your great post..

  8. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Well this is very important. I totally agree that hiring the best employer can help you succeed in creating your website social media campaign. Thanks for sharing this lovely article to your readers.

    • riathomas says:

      Great post you shared.. do appreciate the message behind this and I think it is important for everyone to see this. Thank you for sharing it.

      • liagill says:

        Thanks for sharing such a valuable information. It’s really amazing.

        • riathomas says:

          Thanks for sharing such a valuable information. It’s really amazing.
          nice sharing it is helpful me

  9. Yes, sometimes social media marketing becomes an additional expense if you don’t manage it properly or hire someone who does not know what he’s doing.

    There are some companies that specialize in jumpstarting your Social Media Campaign. It’s actually where I work. 🙂

  10. Point well made there. It is true that social media campaigns are time consuming for the one doing the campaigns but still, your efforts wont be fruitless since you will actually gain a lot from this medium, just work smart to achieve more than what you deserve 😉

  11. Like I always said social media is a strongest place where you can get best customers traffic but using is it not like socially but wisely is the thing.

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