Your Complete Guide Before Publishing Your Blog Posts

When you write a blog post, do you normally hit the publish button so that your readers can get to read what you have written?

Or do you check your blog post to make sure that it is in correct order before publishing to the public?

Well most times bloggers would check to make sure that their article is proper condition before publishing.

What are the things to check for before publishing a blog post?

This article provides a list of things that you should check for before publishing your blog post.

Check The Blog Post Title

Whenever you write a blog post, a title is one of the first things that normally comes to a blogger’s mind.

The title can be classed as the foundation of the blog so to speak.

A blog post title means that this is the subject for discussion and this is what will be discussed in the article so it gives the reader an overview of what the article is about.

Check the blog post title and make sure that the title is eye-catching. An attractive blog post title will help to bring in more people to reader your blog post.

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Write Blog Post In Paragraphs

If you write your blog post with sentence after sentence, your article will seem messy.

Writing in paragraphs helps to bring the blog post to life. This will make your article much easier to read.

Using paragraphs with sub-headings helps to bring out the main points in your article.

The use of paragraphs in your article helps to make it scannable as well. This is because some readers will scroll through your blog post and they may find a particular point which appeals to them and this will make them read your article as well.

Have Images In Your Blog Post

Before you publish your blog post, do you normally place images inside your article?

Having images related to your blog post can help to bring in more readers and it as well helps to bring life to your blog post.

If a new visitor comes to your blog then the use of eye-catching images can be useful in turning that first time visitor into a loyal reader.

Categorize Your Blog Post

Before you hit the publish button you should place your article into a category.

This helps to define your blog post and is also good for search engine optimization as well.

Categorizing your blog post helps to make your blog look neat. If your readers are searching for topics related to a particular category then placing your articles in categories would help to make it easier for them.

If you use a related post plugin at the end of each article, then when you place posts in categories the related post plugin will show articles related to the current article being read using the categories which it was placed in.

Use Appropriate Tags

Tags also help to define your blog post, it is also similar to categories.

Tags are like a mini category and can help you to rank well in search engines.

Even though categories are normally overlooked, they are of high importance to every blog.

Be sure to tag your articles and see what difference they will make in getting more readers to your blog post.

Optimize Blog Post For Search Engine

Blog post optimization plays a very big roll in getting a high volume of free targeted traffic to your blog. Before you publish your blog post, check to see if you are targeting keywords so that you can rank for a particular word or phrase. Insert keywords in the keyword meta tag section, place your description for the blog post in the meta description section and also remember to place the keyword all over your article.

Adjust Your Permalink For The Blog Post

The permalink for each blog post plays an important roll.

Permalinks should be a few words which help to describe your blog post. It should not be too long so that it looks the the whole article in is the the permalink.

It is also good to have the keyword which you are targeting for search engine traffic in the permalink.

Proof Read Your Blog Post

Read over your article so that there were no mistakes while writing.

Not reading your article before publishing is one of the mistakes that most new bloggers tend to make because they are eager to get in new readers to their blog.

Proof read for grammatical errors and correct if there was any.

Preview Your Blog Post

Always be sure to preview your article so that everything is in place.

If you use images then previewing your blog post before publishing will let you know if you have inserted the images correctly.

Check to see if the sub-headings look neat and in the correct place.

Publish Your Blog Post To The World

Now that you have completed the check list guide, you are now ready to publish your article for all to read it.

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Hello, My name is Kharim Tomlinson and I am the proud owner of this blog.

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  1. monaedward says:

    Idea with Image blog post is so far not implemented on my site as I did not put any Images in my blogs as was confused what type of Image should I make for my blogs as I write about home business so there was not even a single image idea in my mind, But what actually is to ask I think blog creation must be in easy word rather than complex words and as your tips also.

  2. First thing we should check the title because it must be attractive. Then post should be written for readers. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  3. Blogging is a great way to discuss any important part of our technical issue.
    Everyone have some opinion and remark so we should take care of their comment.

  4. Before we hit publish, all these steps are mandatory in order to get succeed with that post,
    Sir i want to ask, what if i change permalink after i hit published, will it goes the same way.?

    • Hi Ahmed,

      Changing permalink is not at all recommended, because it will delete your old url & create a 404 page not found issue. In case you change the permalink after publishing, you need to do 301 redirect.

  5. Thanks alot for this piece of information. i’ll implement it in all my posts from now on.
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  6. The main thing is to write down the quality content and to use the proper and best SEO keywords and then follow the above mentioned points. Thanks for the great article.
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  7. Anita Bhardwaj

    Thanks for the informative article I just started the blogging and I love the information that you provide in the above mentioned article thanks for the great piece of work.

  8. Hi Kharim ,
    This is my first time visit on your site and got so impressed.
    Really Its a complete solution guide before publishing the blog.
    We should be very careful and use these helpful tips while going to publish a blog.
    Thanks for sharing…Please keep sharing such post.

  9. A complete description of posting an fully optimized post is provided … from the keyword selection to the tags… awsome post you have posted … if a blogger posts a post like this then he will definitely come into a rank in search engine….
    Thanks allot

  10. Hi Kharim

    After reading this complete article, I would must say that you rocked this article. 😀

    You had covered all the major things in this article and made it helpful.

    From last few days, I had reading some of your articles and I found that you are putting more efforts in your articles and trying your best to serve better content.

    That’s really good for your blog. 😀

    I would also suggest you to focus on building genuine email subscribers on your blog. Try to add links to subcribe to your newsletter in the middle of your post.

    This will boost your email list.

    Either way, keep up the awesome work with your blog.

    Have a nice weekend. 😀
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  11. I am a newbie blogger and my blog is new. But I wanted to share some tools and plugins I used to achieve the above mentioned tips. I used an article tool called Hemmingway. That would help in structuring the blog. I also recommend the plugin Yoast SEO. This plugin reminds you of all the SEO points which are the same as the tips mentioned.
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